Quick Ideas on Easy Homemade Dog Treat without Preservatives

ID-10024803There are lots of treats for dogs and it becomes necessary that dog owners understand these and follow what is suitable for their pets. A lot of people still lack ideas of what would be best for their dogs, and if you are among these people, then it is good you have stumbled upon this article. It readily reveals some of the easiest dog treats you can make at home to improve the health of your dog.

Soft banana stripstreats – a dog treat can be made from soft banana strips. Other ingredients that would work well in this case include: flour, oats, egg, and rice. When all of these ingredients are combined or mixed well, the resultant treat after baking would be delicious and healthy for the dog.

Fruity yogurt treats – A dog treat should not always be baked. There are some that qualify as frozen treats. Mashing up of fruits like bananas or kiwis and adding the substance with yogurt readily qualify as fruity yogurt treats. Dogs love this and you should try it for your pet.

Dog food biscuits – This treat is made in the form of a snack baked and cut in pieces. This type of treat is commonly prepared as snacks or delicacies to reward the dog for certain behavior or as a diet supplement. The basic ingredients for biscuit treats are similar to many other recipes for dog treats. You will find these recipes easily online.

Chicken strips and beef jerky – Dehydrated chicken and beef jerky can be used to make easy dog treats for your pet. The recipe includes the use of a dehydrator and other appliances that can help slice the meat.

So, these are ideas of dog treats you can explore at home and improve the health of your pet. One thing to note is that the use of preservatives is never an option in these treats. Preservatives could result to ill health for the dogs. To avoid these dangerous substances, homemade treats like those explained above should be made.

Major Chemical Substances that should be avoided when Making Dog treats

It is important to monitor the type of ingredients used dog foods or treats. In most times, certain ingredients are known to be harmful to the body and should be avoided. If you plan making dog treats you should be knowledgeable about certain ingredients that could be harmful to your dog.  These ingredients are major even though other substances can be avoided.

The following are hints on the major ingredients to avoid:

  • Propyl Gallate – This is a preservative used as an antioxidant. It is used for packing certain commercially sold dog foods or treats. This chemical compound is known to increase the chance of a dog to have cancer and liver disease. So, it is important to do away with this synthetically produced preservative.
  • Ethoxyquin – This is another form of antioxidant that is used in dog treats sold in stores. It is effective as a preservative in certain products. A good example is pesticides. However, certain studies have shown that this product is not safe for animals. The health conditions associated with this preservativeinclude kidney, thyroid, immune, and reproductive disease.
  • Butylated Hydroxysanisole (BHA) – This is another preservative that is found in dog treats. It is helpful in the preservation of fats and oils. It has been researched that this chemical could cause cancer in the body of the animals. The FDA and other researchers have disapproved BHA in certain food products.
  • Butylated Hydroxytyoluene (BHT) – This is another chemical preservative that could cause cancer in the body of the animal. It has the same effect as BHA. What applies to this BHT is similar that which applies to BHA.

There are other preservatives and substances that can be avoided when giving your dog, treats or foods. The least may include some flavoring agents, carbohydrate sources and protein sources, etc. It all boils down to the dog owner’s effort to research for the best ingredients to improve the health of the canine.  The dog owners should be proactive and ensure that all substances used in making dog treats are controlled and monitored to keep the dog healthy.